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Review for: Zombie Tsunami on PC

Zombie Tsunami Review

So it has been a while since a zombie game was reviewed, and this is a game that I’m sure you will enjoy playing as much as I have. This one is called Zombie Tsunami. It was once called Zombie Carnaval when it was first released on iOS devices. I do like Zombie Tsunami better though. So please read on fellow gamers.

Out of all the undead games that were reviewed on the Android Entity, this is the first time you are not shooting zombies to survive, that’s because you are zombie. Yes you actually get to be one or many, let me explain further. When you first play the game you start off playing as a single zombie. Then as you are running down the road you can those helpless humans, and when you bit them, they will turn into an undead, having them join you. The more you turn the humans into zombie, the more your number will grow. Finally causing humanity’s downfall.

Now this is an endless runner (zombie) game, but I do find this one to be unique, and it is fun and addicting enough to stand out, from other endless runner/zombie games.


I just love the fact when you are playing this game and you manage to have an army of undead if you happen to run into a mine, car, or bus you usually have to start over again with this game if you lose one or two zombies you can just keep going until your single zombie dies. Having this feature adds more addictiveness to the game. And of course having a larger mob of undead can make things easier by letting you turnover cars, buses and tanks, plow through bombs and collect more coins.

Throughout the game you will unlock some power ups that can temporarily turn your zombies into ninjas, quarterbacks, Chinese dragons, or giant mutated brains. Each of these has its own powers which can significantly alter the way you play for a little while. And collecting coins will allow you to buy different upgrades, such as hats, or new locations.

The graphics remind me of playing Donkey Kong Country for the Super NES. or from a Pixar movie. And having the 3-D/cartoonish characters makes it less scary and makes the game safe for kids to play.

You’re always presented with different objectives to accomplish, and doing these can give you bonuses as well. Also, the more humans you munch on, the more brains you collect. Your number of brains is tallied up after every run. Reach a certain number of brains and you get a lottery ticket which you can ‘scratch’ to win you coins and bonuses. So there are a lot of ways for you to achieve success without feeling like you have to shell out cash to accomplish anything.


I have played a lot of endless runners, and zombie games, but Zombie Tsunami is by far my favorite mobile game. It has great graphics, it is kid- friendly. It has cute, silly, cartoonish humor, and it is fun and addicting to play. It also is unique, and manages to set itself apart from other mobile games that are in the store. It is a must-play game. This game is free at the Google play store. Happy Gaming Gamers.

Author: Albert

Source: Zombie Tsunami Review

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