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My Talking Tom for PC download

This is the best and cutest game in the planet!

Talking Tom is your pet kitten and you’ll help him grow into an awesome pet. Try dressing him up in unique clothes, choose from various accessories and make him look more awesome and cooler!


  • UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVE SKILL: Customize your one of a kind Tom by browsing a huge number of outfits, and accessories. Pick awesome furniture for Tom’s house!
  • MINI-GAMES: Get gold coins by winning Mini-Games! Tom Run, Flappy Tom, Rocket Fun, Happy Connect, Rainbows, Bubble Shooter, Brick Blast and more!
  • TRAVEL THE PLANET: Collect your tickets and travel to meet different unique Toms. Fill your collection with postcards from amazing places!
  • GET REWARDS AS YOU PROGRESS: Enable Tom to develop through 9 distinct stages and 999 levels, earning new prizes and coins as you go!
  • NURTURE YOUR VIRTUAL PET: Play with him, tuck him into bed, and watch him develop from an adorable kitten to a fun awesome cat.
  • TALK TO TOM: Talking Tom repeats everything you tell him! Try to poke him, and watch how he reacts!
  • LIFELIKE EMOTIONS: Tom can have different emotions! His feelings change in light of how you play with him.

Game Info

Publisher: Outfit7
Category: Casual

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