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Smashy Road: Wanted PCダウンロード

Smashy Road: WANTED is the latest installment to the Smashy Road franchise!.

Your skills are required! Re-define driving, unlock and Master up to 90 unique vehicles. Race through all kinds of enviroment from desesrts, grasslands, cities and all other known or unknown terrains, venture into secret areas and rip great rewards! Avoid be busted by the police,the swat teams, and the military. How long can you out run them!


  • 90 new unique vehicles to unlock each with heir own abilities!
  • Randomly generated unique environment with HIDDEN areas to play with!
  • Stunning graphics and great soundtrack!
  • Escape from all kind of pursuers: police, army jeeps, SWAT and even war tanks!
  • Online leaderboards to see you and your friends’ Score!

What are you waiting for? SMASH THE ROAD NOW!”



出版社: Bearbit Studios B.V.
カテゴリー: アクション, シミュレーション

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Smashy Road: Wanted はすべて Bearbit Studios B.V.. の著作権です。 当社のソフトウェアは、 Bearbit Studios B.V..

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