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Boom Beach PCダウンロード

Boom Beach is a thrilling strategy game where you need to come up with winning strategies and command your men to defeat the enemy troops! Go on the offense and attack your enemy’s bases and liberate the enslaved islanders from the evil Blackguard!

Play with over 1 million players online, form teams and raid your enemy’s bases! Fight team vs. team to take control of the resources in the island and power-up your base’s defenses against attacks.

In Boom Beach, you will go head-to-head with fearsome bosses, unveil their nefarious plans and defeat them with an elite team of your making! You control your war strategy – from building gunships and landing boats, deploying landing parties and taking out the enemy HQ!

Explore the high tropical archipelago, and discover the mysterious Life Crystals in Boom Beach now!


出版社: Supercell
カテゴリー: 戦略

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Boom Beach はすべて Supercell. の著作権です。 当社のソフトウェアは、 Supercell.

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