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Review for: Talking Tom Gold Run on PC

Talking Tom Gold Run Review — My coins! Stop!

(English) At the mention of Tom, you may immediately think of one of your friends who named Tom. But as a player, I can’t help myself thinking the famous cat – Tom, who can talk like a human being. At this time, talking Tom is robbed and all his coins for building house are gone. You should play as talking Tom and talking Angela to chase down the robber and get your gold back so that you can build your dream house.


The operation of this game is similar with other parkour games. You can swipe in four directions to control the character to move left, move right, jump or lay down. What you should do during the game is to achieve coins as more as possible. By getting more and more coins, you can unlock new worlds with different running styles. You can also take advantage of your coins to build your home. But in those unlocked worlds, there are may be more surprises are waiting for you. That is to say, running will pay off - you’ll be able to build your very own dream home from the ground up. You should allocate your gold properly so as to realize your dream.

screen1136x1136 (4).jpeg

What makes the running more interesting is that there are plenty of gears and prizes to encourage players. You can take a plane to fly in the sky in a fast speed in order to get more coins more quickly and safely since there are no obstacles that are on the ground. Besides, you can get a helmet to protect yourself from hitting by the obstacle for one time, which is equal to provide your one more life without expending your coins. What’s more, there’re always double coins or experience value during the running, which can help your earn coins more quickly.

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With your coins increasing, you can upgrade your house and unlock new running style. There are totally six game scenes. You may run on the highway, in the snow or in the forest as different characters such as Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Ginger, Talking Hank, Talking Ben and so on. And there are also more and more scenes are in progress, which may be expected.

screen1136x1136 (2).jpeg

ALL in all, although there are plenty of running games at present, Talking Tom Gold Run is still worth playing. If you like Talking Tom, you might have a try on this interesting game.

Author: Olivia

Source: Talking Tom Gold Run Review — My coins! Stop!

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