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Angry Birds Rio per il download da PC

What happens when the Angry Birds are thrown into cages and shipped off to Rio? Well they lose it!


The mighty eagal is a permant in-app purchaseable power-up available to Angry Birds Rio. if your stuck on any level, this hero will dive down from the sky to fend off those meddlesome monkeys. However this power-up is tied down by 1 hour cool down timer, Mighty Engal also adds new gameplay goals and achievements to the game upon purchase.

Boosting your winged creatures’ capacities in helping you clear levels with three stars. So you can unlock new content!


  • 320 Levels available with 72 additional bonus levels across 12 different episodes.
  • Epic Boss fights! Put your skill to the ultimate accuracy test!
  • Call the Flock! Request an air raid from your Macaw buddies!
  • Power Potion! Charge up your bird with the power potion and evolve into a beast.
  • Unlock Bonus levels! Search and locate hidden easter eggs in the game to unlock even more levels to play with.

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Editore: Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Categoria: Casuale

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