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Idle Heroes para descargar de PC

Welcome to Idle Heroes! Build a team of heroes and send them out on an epic endless adventure through the land accumulating resources and growing stronger! Begin your adventure from Sara Forest and proceed all the way to High Heaven. Lead your team of Idle Heroes to fight the forces of darkness and emerge victory!


  • IDLE System. Reap the benefits while you are offline. Your heroes fight on auto-pilot mode. See them grow stronger and gain new skills by themselves after their tough training. Train a powerful team easily without much user control!
  • Evolving Strategy. As your heroes gain experience, they gain skills that are unique to their factions. With more than 200 Heroes available, the possibilities are endless. Convert duplicate heroes or weaker one into Spirit material for EVOLVING the stronger ones. Strategise and build the strongest team for battle!
  • MASSIVE Content. A variety of gameplays available in Idle Heroes. You are spoilt for choices with battlegrounds, dungeons, quests, towers, arenas and guilds. You will definitely find one that suits your play style.
  • GUILD Wars. Engage your friends or players around the world to fight alongside with you!
  • Worldwide Arena. Let your heroes battle in the multiplayer arenas and watch them fight for glory! May the strongest wins.

Come download Idle Heroes on PC and join in the fun too!

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