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A Girl Adrift para descargar de PC

If you have been troubled by insomnia, this is definitely the game for you. A Girl Adrift calms your mind down with its soothing music and soft graphics. No unwanted stress, just pure relaxation and serenity. The cute graphics is soothing for the eyes, making it a suitable game before sleeping, and while you are on the move.

A Girl Adrift features a little girl floating on a raft and travelling to all parts of the world that was submerged in water. All she had with her was a basic fishing rod for survival. Help her fish by tapping once a fish bites the line and exchange these catch for pearls and fishcakes to upgrade her fishing rod and also decorate her raft.

There are many different fishes and sea creatures to catch! Fill up her collection with more catches! You may also find exclusive items and treasures in the rare fishes as well.

With A Girl Adrift, it’s Fishing meets RPG. A new game adventure begins here with A Girl Adrift on PC.

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