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Dragon City for PC download

Collect little dragons and help them grow into amazing beasts to conquer and reign you in the PvP Arena! Create a place on floating islands and build habitats, buildings, farms and dragons!

Are you the top Dragon Breeder in the planet? Try to beat these challenges and prove you are the best!

Collect different elements to breed unique hybrids and expand your dragon collection. You can also receive special dragons from special events!

Try joining different forces from around the globe with other Players in Clans, obtain rewards from the ‘Alliance Chest’ and interact in the chatroom.


  • Complete and finished the Book of Dragons! There are over hundreds of dragons to collect and breed
  • New dragon players can join the game every week through special islands and breeding events
  • Challenge your skills at the Dragon Quests and fight against other Players in the PVP Arenas to receive exclusive dragons, climb up the leaderboards and claim the Warriors Chests!
  •  Summon other dragons and try their skills at the ‘Tree Of Life’
  • Unlock some advanced features like the ‘Guardian Dragons’ and ‘Ancient World’
  • Try joining other clans to play with other players, open Alliance Chests and discuss with them.


Game Info

Publisher: Social Point
Category: Simulation

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