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Clash Royale for PC download

Clash Royale is the fun-filled exciting real-time multiplayer game from the makers of Clash of Clans!

In Clash Royale, you’ll gather and build your forces using the CoC troops, spells, defenses and the Royales to defeat the enemy Kings. Win trophies in the arena by knocking off your opponents off their towers. Share cards with your Clan to share your forces!


  • Real-time competition with players around the world!
  • Gather powerful cards to enhance your fighting chances, and earn chests to receive wonderful prizes.
  • Take trophies and win crowns to show off your skills.
  • Build your Battle Deck with your favorite Clash characters, troops, spells and defenses.
  • Multiple arenas to choose from!
  • Form a Clan with your friends and allies where you can share cards within your own community.
  • Private and friendly duels with your clanmates!
  • Watch the best duels on TV Royale to pick up strategy and tactics.

Game Info

Publisher: Supercell
Category: Action, Strategy

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