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The Sims™ Mobile para download em PC

Welcome to the land of Sims, a place where you can be who you want freely. Unleash your creativity and let your imaginations run wild. The possibilities are endless. Create the virtual you and have unlimited fun the the Sims Mobile on PC!

Customize your Sims’ looks and personalities! Decide their traits and dress them up with various funky fashion and hairstyles. Decide personality traits for each of your Sim, and see them pick up more traits as they grow up and gain more life experiences.

Design a perfect house for your Sims to stay. Choose from home layouts to its designs, picking a variety of items and decorations to transform the place to a cosy little hideout for your Sims to recharge and hang out!

Be part of your Sims’ lives! Pick exciting careers and hobbies for them. Meet new Sims in the neighbourhood and have romantic relationships. Start a family and have some kids to spice up your family life.

Socialize and get rewards when you host and attend parties with other Sims. Special daily events to look forward to!

Everyday is a fun day with your Sims at The Sims Mobile. So don’t miss out! Download The Sims Mobile on PC now!

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Editor: Electronic Arts Games
Categoria: Simulação

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